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There is no denying the fact that watching movies comes in as one of the most foremost recreation activities people engage in, in this digital age. This is due to how easy it has become to access movies on the internet, which is all thanks to platforms like , which is a website that allows enthusiasts to download and stream movies for free.

Websites that offer movies free aren’t really difficult to find as there are a lot of them in the system. However, has been able to make a name of itself, all thanks to its standout offerings, which were designed to make streaming and downloads a breeze.

To further buttress these points, below is a list of some of the top features of

Top Features of The Website

1. Access to content from top/renowned streaming services: can actually be described as a bank of content from top services like prime video, Amazon, and Netflix. This means allows enthusiasts to get access to premium content from the aforementioned platforms, without having to pay a dime. You are being served top-notch movies and series, without having the need to bother about a subscription fee.

Having access to these sources, also means can offer movies and series, including anime, to enthusiasts for free. All you need do is to log on to the website and begin your search.

2. Download or Stream:


On enthusiasts can have the liberty to either download or stream contents. Being able to stream movies, means we can quickly scan through the movies to be sure it’s something we like or if it’s the movie you desire.

3. Navigation


: Comparing to large majority of free movie website we have today, shows has one of the most decluttered user interface. Its landing page is where you begin to see its Minimal nature. Here you won’t find any ads, but rather a set of intuitive Navigation tabs, along side a list of random movies you can quick watch, that’s in the scenario you don’t have any special title in mind.

This isn’t to say the website is void of any ads. There are ads, but its more of an in-page thingy. They have to make revenue of their service and that’s the fact.

What are the navigation tabs available?


Well on the top bar, you get “Browse” which takes you to a list of randomly selected movies, “Movies” tab, and the “Series” table, which actually portray their description. Moving below, we are provided with other portals that include “Recent”, “popular”, “Genre”, “A-z” which provides movie titles in alphabetical order and finally language.

4. Picture in Picture Mode:


Being able to stream movies while performing other operations on the website has to be one of my favorite features on the website. It can come in handy in times where you are sourcing for a particular movie. To do this, you would have to activate PIP (Picture in picture) mode on the player provided. To activate PIP mode, you would have to click on the three vertical dots in the video player .

Wrapping up:

Having read through the offerings on,

I am pretty sure you may  convinced that it’s one of the most intuitive websites that offers movies for free.

It doesn’t just only offer movies for free but also makes locating your favorites easy which is all thanks to its well-designed navigation system.

Are there other features you love or flaws that weren’t mentione in this article? Do let us know in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you.

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