DAILY LOTTO Results Thursday 25th May 2023

Daily Lotto result on 25 may 2023 in this post you can find the previous daily lotto results histry and incoming daily lotto results . Today 25th may 2023 resulsts are updated below . you can make a visit on daily basis at the moment they draw and you can get the Daily lotto results for today  .

Daily lotto results Thursday 25th may 2023

Prize breakdown :

Division Winners Winning

Today’s Draw Details

Total sales
Draw machine   RNG2
Next draw date 2023-04-25
Status Published

Please cheak Daily lotto results very carefully . this is responsible for mistakes amade on this site . the best website for cheak the winnig number about daily lotto payouts and number are national lottery results . you have a choice to entert the number into maximum 12 daily lotto draws wth many draw options . ithuba’s national App can also be used for this purpose .

Game Play

You can buy the tickets purchased until 20:1 on Draw day , at the time daily lotto draws are coming . you can make an entery in the draw with only R3 , and  it is playable on stores. You can play south africa daily lotto results this way winning number.

  • A bet slip may be picked up at any lottery store .
  • The numbers between 1 and 36 may be chosen up to five times, or you may request a Quick Pick
  • Play as many boards as you want
  • You may enter up to 12 consecutive draws in total . leave blank if a single draw is required
  • To pay for you ticket , you must take your wagar slip to the teller

List of prizes

winnig prize

Prize Division Numbers Matched Odds of Winning Prize Pool Percentage Prize Payout In the Last Draw Average Payout Since 2017
1 5 1 in 376,992 35.6% R127,480.10 R247,777.15
2 4 1 in 2,432 8.2% R266.30 R579.46
3 3 1 in 81 16.4% R19.10 R20.07
4 2 1 in 8.4 39.8% R5.00 R5.02
The overall odds of winning a prize are 1 in 7.6

Daily lotto results are not the parts of the national lotto , so you don’t play other games to win . whole purpose is for promotion to produe winners only .

You can play online

  • You can make a account for daily lottery tickets and make a deposit in it .
  • This is happened to you how much boards you want to play . you can select 1 to 36 any five numbers .
  • First decide which one you want to enter if you want to part of draw
  • Pay entert and confirm it

Here’s are detail of time and date daily lotto results

  • Every Wednesday & Wednesday a lotto draw is coming on 20:20 (15:20 GMT)
  • Oz lottery draw time in every Wednesday is 20:20 (15:20 GMT)
  • Live results can be seen here on every Wednesday about powerball drw places approximately 20:20 austrlian eastern standard time is (15:20 GMT)
  • All the draws are every Wednesday about 20:20 AEST (15:20 GMT) .

Important information for you

We can’t take any resposiablity for any error on the lotto results sites’s , because of this site take steps to ensure , omissions that may appear in these results .

A winner

good news

This is a guarantee that the jackpot prize money will be awarded even if no single nuber atches the five . jackpot can split equally all those who matches the number in your selections 2 or more .

 The winner

  • Matches 5 of division 1: two winners(R220,000 each)
  • In division 2 , match 4:304winners (each winner earning R320)
  • IN DIVISION 4 –match 2, there were 129,660 winners (R4.120 per person).

You need to take a visit on official site of lottery and cheak the winnign  numbers . as we can make , we post the results but this is provided from the official site of the daily lotto lottery .

How to play and win some hint’s and advices .

For your winning lottery cahnces here’s are nine suggestions for you buy more tickest .  in this case you spend more money and the chance of winnings are less . we think that in 12 cahnces of winnings in greater than just 1 cahnce to win in 12 . in any of them you will recover your money back to your pocket .

You all play as one from a lottery syndicate group . in this means you can make a more chances of winnings in the lottery . just imagine you make a group of 120 people which they can buy’s 12 tickets each that’s 1200 tickets , now you have 1200 chances of winning than that of only 12 . but you want to make sure that the all peoples are trusted . the people they don’t betray you and you alsodon’t betray them .

Prize and chances
  • In every draw daily lotto are offering the thousand of rand in their prizes , but in this you need to match the the number towin the jackpot of daily lotto . you can also win if 2 of your number’s are match with the results .
  • It’s a guarnted that you can collect the wining amount , if no player match the all five number, the jackpot is rolls and splitamoung the player with fournumbers ofmatching .
  • The prizes of winning are not fixed , it’s all depend on the supply of tickets and the collection of money with the tickets amount and split with the percentage in the table . all the players who can win the money is divided with the winning players .

And on thing you need to know is that please don’t choose the consecutive numbers . let’s suppose you’re playing the lottery with five digits winning and you choose the number 55 from . the total number of lottery are 125 to 206 . about studies the 70% of the numbers of lootery are fall into these categories .

Please don’t choose the number with the similar digit . it’s an possibility that you may win but other side the probability is much lower .

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